Episode 3: Paleo Mitigation – Paleo Solutions, Inc.

The aim of paleo mitigation is to extract and preserve the prehistoric remains found on construction and development sites. The discovery of Archaeopteryx in limestone deposits near Solnhofen, Germany to the Cerutti Mammoth site in San Diego, California, have fascinated onlookers and challenged our conception of life’s progression on this planet. 

In this episode, I speak with the Vice President and Paleontology Program Director, Dr. Paul Murphey, of Paleo Solutions. Dr. Murphey and I discuss the origins of the paleo mitigation industry, how this field is regulated by states and localities, the development of a paleo mitigation best practices guide, and how the public interest benefits from this type of work. Fossils aren’t only found in the badlands, they might also exist just beneath the roads you take on your daily route!