Month: September 2020

Episode 5: The Role of a Museum Conservator – Dr. Mariana Di Giacomo

Fossils need expert care when they are discovered, extracted, prepared, stored, and displayed in order to ensure their longevity and scientific utility. When most people see fossils in museums they think of paleontologists in the field. They may often fail to realize that the specimen they’re looking at is in a state of decay right…

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Episode 4: Public Policy – Dr. Paul Cairney

What is public policy anyways? The purpose of this podcast is to look at paleontology and prehistory from the lens of public policy by focusing on the actors, institutions, and events that shape this community. This could include grants for earth science research provided by the National Science Foundation, local ordinances requiring paleontological mitigation on…

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Episode 3: Paleo Mitigation – Paleo Solutions, Inc.

The aim of paleo mitigation is to extract and preserve the prehistoric remains found on construction and development sites. The discovery of Archaeopteryx in limestone deposits near Solnhofen, Germany to the Cerutti Mammoth site in San Diego, California, have fascinated onlookers and challenged our conception of life’s progression on this planet.  In this episode, I…

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